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[Gordian] The clue scroll guide. Empty [Gordian] The clue scroll guide.

Post by Gordian on Sat Aug 01, 2015 11:31 am

Hey guys.

Have you also been wondering where that casket may be hidden? You've got a papyrus clue scroll but you have no clue (you see that pun? Razz ) where it may or may not lead? I guess you're at the right place.
Since I'm new to the server, I've not seen many clues for now, but I'll keep this topic up to date whenever I get a new one. For now, here are a few easy clues.

You can see in the pictures that I've got a spade in my inventory... The thing is, you don't need one. I've learned that after completing this. You only have to go to the place and open the clue to get your next one or the reward. Have fun hunting for some rares !!! Smile

TIP: If you're looking for a specific clue, you should use the search to find what you need faster. Smile Good luck.

1. This has to be bob's favorite training spot in-game.
[Gordian] The clue scroll guide. Bobsfa10

You may find your next clue or your casket at the Lumbridge cows...
[Gordian] The clue scroll guide. Bobsfa11

2. We all love water, especially from big, clean, fountains!
[Gordian] The clue scroll guide. Bobsfa12

Your next clue or your reward is probably hidden at the Varrock fountains...
[Gordian] The clue scroll guide. Bobsfa13

3. I want to eat cake, maybe you want to steal some?
[Gordian] The clue scroll guide. Bobsfa14

Cake thieves must head to ::edge in order to discover the next step of their clue or to dig out THE lucky treasure!
[Gordian] The clue scroll guide. Bobsfa11

4. We stall seek history within the ancient museum.
[Gordian] The clue scroll guide. Bobsfa16

Since you knew it was in the Varrock museum, what are you waiting for? Run, Forest, run !
[Gordian] The clue scroll guide. Bobsfa15

This treasure hunt ended up pretty badly though. The easy clue scroll has lead me to this poor reward...
[Gordian] The clue scroll guide. Bobsfa17

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[Gordian] The clue scroll guide. Empty Re: [Gordian] The clue scroll guide.

Post by Mod Deo on Sun Aug 02, 2015 12:11 pm

Thanks For This Easy Clue Scroll Guide

Mod Deo

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