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Price Guide For Impure-OS Empty Price Guide For Impure-OS

Post by Mod Deo on Tue Jul 28, 2015 7:33 pm

Impure-OS Official Price Guide

Full Bandos(without Godsword) ~ 1.5b
Bandos GodSword ~ 250m
Full Armadyl(without Bow) ~ 1.5b
Armadyl Crossbow ~ 500m
Abbysal Tenticale ~ 400m
3rd Age LongSword ~ 600m
3rd Age Bow ~ 600m
3rd Age Wand ~ 600m
Dragon-Fire Shield ~ 140m
Zamorack GodSword ~ 235m
Saradomin GodSword ~ 235m
Saradomin Sword ~ 55m
Toxic Blowpipe ~ 3B

All PartyHats ~ 100m
All H'ween Masks ~ 150m

Bandos ~ 3B
Saradomin ~ 3B
Zamorack ~ 3B
Armadyl ~ 3B

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